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Le Central: French Cuisine in Denver, Colorado

October 22, 2014 4:03 pm

Since 1981, Le Central has proudly served affordable French favorites to diners in Denver.

Regulars come for their generous serving of mussels, priced at $11 for lunch, dinner, and brunch. You can choose from several broths and sauces, and they are served with unlimited french fries. In addition to a daily menu of seasonal items, Le Central creates weekly three course prix fixe specials that feature inspired dishes. Authentic French desserts are crafted by an in-house pastry chef that can also make a cake for your next special occasion. Le Central loves to educate its customers, the third Tuesday of the month offers a five course meal paired with wine. They also offer a cooking demonstration followed by a three course meal on the last Tuesday of the month.

If you are new to French cuisine, Le Central may just be your chance to take a brand new adventure in dinning.

Le Central
112 E. 8th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 863-8094

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Zombie Zone Invades Denver Pavillions

October 16, 2014 10:31 pm

Zombie Zone Invades Denver Pavilions

This Saturday, October 18th from noon-5PM
This is a family-friendly event with fun events including:
– Zombie Caricatures
– Learn to dance to "Thriller"
– Free blood typing from Bonfils Blood Center
– Paint sugar skulls
– Audition for a real zombie movie & more!

Plus, enjoy zombie grub from Lime American Cantina! Watch or enter the Drop Dead Gorgeous Fashion show at 5:30 to win a $200 gift card to The Denver Pavilions!

To learn more, visit The Denver Pavilions website.

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How to Plant Your Own Terrarium

October 16, 2014 5:03 pm

If you pay attention to interior design blogs, you’ve likely seen colorful terrariums popping up all over the place. These intricate indoor gardens may seem difficult to make, but with the right supplies and a few slow-growing plants, you can create your own terrarium to make your home look just like the pros’.

  1. Find the right structure. Terrariums should be built inside of a clear glass or plastic container so that you can see what’s going on inside. Something like a fish bowl, mason jar, or even a store-bought terrarium will work best. Do your best to choose the size based on how large you plants are.
  2. Form the garden bed. The success of your terrarium depends on the base. Start by lining the container with a one-inch layer of pebbles for drainage, and then add a ½-inch layer of activated charcoal. A 1 ½-inch layer of pre-moistened sphagnum moss goes over that to prevent the soil from slipping in between the pebbles.
  3. Plant your plants. Whether you choose succulents or herbs, they need to go on top of this well-draining garden bed. Remove your plants from their pots and cut away pot-bound roots. Place a layer of soil in your terrarium that’s just taller than your plants' roots, and plant the plants inside where the leaves won’t touch the glass.
  4. Decorate. Now that your terrarium is complete, it’s time to make it look pretty. Add some decorative rocks inside, and then place it in front of a well-lit window where your guests can easily see it.

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