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How to Keep Drawers Neat and Tidy

November 12, 2014 6:38 pm

Just about every home has a junk drawer. You know the one: You fill it with your extra batteries, pens, a few stray kids’ toys, and a variety of other things that simply don’t have their own place. If your junk drawer drives you crazy, these simple tips will show you how to organize it once and for all.

  1. Clean it out. It’s definitely not the most fun task, but in order to maintain clean drawers you have to first empty the drawer out entirely. Toss out anything that you don’t use, and put everything else in a pile to be organized before going back into the drawer.
  2. Invest in a few organizers. If your drawer is particularly large, it may be helpful to add a few organizers to create separate areas for all of the items inside. Most home goods stores carry plastic or mesh drawer dividers that fit just about any drawer.
  3. Think of different ways to store items. If you’re tackling a dresser drawer, don’t be afraid to “file” t-shirts instead of stacking them. Although this may not be the way that you were taught, it certainly helps you to access items more easily and keep the drawer neater.
  4. Add a sachet. Even basic items like office supplies or clothing can start to smell musty when stored in a drawer, so add a scented sachet to keep things smelling fresh.

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How to Better Organize Your Under-Sink Storage

November 6, 2014 5:02 pm

Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, the under-sink area is like a no-man’s land of cleaning supplies, sponges, beauty products and, for many people, even a garbage can. Just because these spaces are hidden doesn’t mean that they should be disorganized, however. The under-sink area is an untapped resource for storage space, and these helpful tips will show you how to get everything in order.

  1. Empty it out. Before you attempt to organize the contents of underneath your sink, you should pull everything out and give the cabinet a good scrubbing. Then, toss out any old cleaning products or unused supplies to make room for the things that you use every day.
  2. Add some shelves. If you have enough height underneath your sink to do so, add a shelf to maximize that space. These are available specifically for the under-sink area at most home goods stores. Choose one that best fits under your sink, making sure to account for any low-hanging pipes.
  3. Group things together. Now that you’re ready to put things back, group your cleaning products and other supplies in groups that make sense. This will be different for different people, but an example would be to group all dishwashing supplies in one area, toss them in a small plastic bin, and slide it onto one of the shelves. If you’re tackling a bathroom under-sink area, group beauty products in one bin, cleaning supplies in another, and maybe place some replacement soaps and shampoos in a third.

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Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

November 6, 2014 3:02 pm

This article written and published by webMD talks about the various health benefits of pet ownership. At The Manhattan, we love our pets so this is great to hear!


Thinking about adopting a furry friend? The Manhattan welcomes up to two pets per apartment with an combined 80lb weight limit. Talk to one of our friendly Marketing Reps about adding a pet to your lease!

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